Someone Else's Yesterday

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The Confederate General and Connecticut Yankee; A Past Life Revealed
by Jeffrey J. Keene

The book "Someone Else's Yesterday" is an amazing journey, an adventure through the eyes of two people, one a Georgian, the other a Connecticut Yankee. Similarities between the two go far beyond coincidence. They think alike, look alike and even share facial scars. Their lives are so intertwined that they appear to be one. Half of this equation, Jeffrey J. Keene, is a present day Assistant Fire Chief in affluent Westport CT. The other half, John B. Gordon, Confederate general, Army of Northern Virginia, died January 9 1904. Jeff had never given reincarnation much thought, nor had he ever seen a psychic, but both these elements came together one Halloween night. That one night was to change his outlook on life and his way of thinking forever. As the puzzle pieces came together the picture created reinforced a strong case for reincarnation.

Jeff shares his insights into the workings of reincarnation along with a personal encounter with the nightmare of September 11, 2001. Experience a city in mourning during the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. Travel from a touching eulogy delivered by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani at New York's beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral to the smoldering ruins at Ground Zero. Share the struggles of the past and the hopes for tomorrow. The book weaves a tapestry of mystery and history, of love and the horrors of war. To the author the journey has been a wondrous one, sometimes funny but at other times sad and physically painful. Jeffrey Keene has no choice but to believe in reincarnation; he lived this remarkable story and every word is true.

"I regard Jeff Keene's reincarnation case as having extreme significance for the field of parapsychology. The various features--waking adult memories, birthmarks correlating with old battle wounds, and soul-group connections--all suggest to me new possibilities for validating the reincarnation hypothesis and for conducting further research. This book is a milestone." Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., host of "Thinking Allowed," national public television series, President of Intuition Network, author of The PK Man

"Anyone who doubts life after death, or reincarnation, should read this book. I highly recommend it." Uri Geller, world famous psychic, author of Life Signs,

"Read Jeff Keene's compelling reincarnation case history and learn how one of America's greatest battlefield heroes, Confederate General John B. Gordon, has returned to life as a warrior for peace." Walter Semkiw, M.D. M.P.H., author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited

"Never before have I run across such concrete evidence of reincarnation. Great book, the pictures are indeed haunting...the resemblance...very uncanny." Laura M. Wandrie, New Age Journal

"Jeff Keene's story is a must for buffs of the supernatural and Civil War historians alike." William P. Gabbard, President of Hamilton Civil War Round Table, Hamilton, Ohio

"As someone who has had a great deal of experience in past lives, I recognized the truth when I saw it in this book." Jenny Smedley, author of Ripples,


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